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After the pandemic, there are 3 trends that have emerged and they will continue to grow. They are...


Previously, we've seen so many brick and mortar businesses, small and big ones, being shut down. But if the company provides the product over the internet, it'll do well. For instance, Netfix. For a comparison, their product is delivered as a "virtual product" as opposed to the cinemas. And today, Netflix company continues to grow, even after the pandemic is over.


Because of lockdowns in the past, many companies and even individuals, have started selling their products via the internet. No longer relying on the offline shops and stores. 

The fact is, those who are selling online will prosper. Look at Jeff Bezos who owns Amazon, the largest eCommerce store in the U.S. Jeff was the richest billionaire in 2020 and for 2021, I'm quite certain he'll continue to remain top #3.


People from all around the world will continue learning and improving their skills and expertise. The demand for knowledge hasn't stop, it will never stop. The only thing that changed is the PLATFORM to learn and gain knowledge. In fact, during the pandemic, the growth has increased dramatically because millions of people spent their time at home.

Source from Forbes stated that the worldwide e-learning market is projected to be worth $325 billion in 2025. On top of that, you can see Zoom has become a "household brand" because it has now become a norm to attend virtual events or online classes...

You Could Be "One Class Away" To Build Your Online Digital Business!

You see, all Internet Gurus are in the same business -- the Knowledge Business. 

Because selling information and knowledge is not only highly lucrative, it's an "evergreen" business that is thriving.

It's low risk too. You don’t need to deal with inventory and shipping. And technically, you have ZERO product cost (100% profit margin) .

Best part is, if you are driven to succeed, you can start as quickly as next week to making sales.
But the truth is, there's a problem to starting this business.

First, creating a digital product or course is either too much work or it's too hard to do it.

Secondly, there are too many things to learn! Learning about salesletter copywriting, video salesletter, setting up funnels, putting upsells and many other crazy terms in this "eco-system".

Then lastly, if you have no expertise, no knowledge or no brand - it's going to be very difficult.

The good news is, you can overcome all of these obstacles easily today...



Instead of working so hard and wasting too much time learning stuff, just put up a "registration" and a "thank you" page to give away free online classes!

And if you don’t have any expertise, knowledge or brand, no problem - you can simply invite guest speakers to share for free.

I use the same simple formula and gotten over 3,000 students and now, built a brand new 6 figure online business.

Introducing The One Class Away

This training program is to show you how you could launch a brand new digital business by just giving away a free class on the internet.
I have no expertise or any knowledge to share, can I do it?
Yes, because this challenge is not to train you to become a ”creator”, but an entrepreneur and a marketer.
Can I do a class WITHOUT being live?
Yes, you can run recorded live stream classes, which I’m also doing it right now.
 I do not have any brand, can I do it?
Yes, because I’ll be teaching you how to tap into the profitable newbies market.

Get Your FIRST CLASS Done In 5 Days!

Join The One Class Away 5-Day Challenge with Patric Chan and discover the EXACT blueprint of creating free classes to attract thousands of subscribers & customers

When you have your own class:

You can build your highly responsive mailing list. Every person who register to get onto your class is now your subscriber. And if they attend, they'll be very responsive leads towards your business.

You have content. After completing your class, the recordings of it is now your content. 

You have authority. Just like being an author, being a "speaker" or even a trainer, has the same authority advantage too.

You build your brand. When you have a class, you will also have a product. That product will become your brand builder.

You have a live digital business. With One Class Away, it's the simplest model to start a digital business. In fact, it's probably the fastest one too because you don't even need a product to launch! 

You can now start generating income – with or without your own product! If you do not have a product, you can always promote an affiliate program in your class and to your new mailing list.

The 5-Day Challenge - How It Works

For the next 5 days, you will go through training inside a private member area. On average, each day's training is 1 1/2 hour of concentrated training. The entire training is about 7.5 hours.

After the training, you'll be given the instruction to complete the checklist.

Here are the 5-Day Challenge info:

DAY 1: Knowledge Business Monetization
DAY 2: The Content Formula
DAY 3: The 2-Page System
DAY 4: Launch And Automation
DAY 5: Free Traffic And Paid Ads

THIS IS A COMPREHENSIVE step-by-step program to help you launch your digital business by using the "One Class Away" strategy.

Not comfortable to share content? No problem. Inside One Class Away, I've recorded a specific training module to teach how to find Guest Speakers to present for your class!

The 5-Day Challenge - Why The Strategy Works 

Apart than teaching you A to Z of the entire One Class Away business strategy, I'll teach you a unique secret to making your class successful - we'll be creating the free class for NEWBIES.

You see, the largest market for any niche is the newbies market. This is also the easiest market because you don't need to be Guru or an authority to serve and at the same time, they appreciate you very much.

The 5-Day Challenge - Who It Is For

  • Are you a person who believe that digital business is the way to go and of course, it's on the right trend for the future?
  • Are you looking for a business that can be "full proof" regardless of pandemic or not?
  • Do you want the latest strategy to get into the knowledge-based industry, regardless of whether you are currently an expert or newbie?

The 5-Day Challenge - Why This Is Different

The training that you're getting from the challenge is the same training that my clients paid $497 to get access. Not only it comes with practical steps to learn and execute, but at the end of the challenge, you'll be able to "walk away" with your digital business. FINALLY, a program that gets you real tangible results.

The 5-Day Challenge - How Much Is The Investment

The investment for the challenge is only a one-time off $99. 

It's a no-brainer opportunity because you could be one class away to making your first or next $1,000 quickly.


When you join today, you'll also qualified to get the bonuses below for 100% free...

Bonus #1: Presentation Slide PDF For 5-Day Challenge

You'll get the exact Presentation Slides that are presented in the challenge in PDF version. This way, you will be able to use it while going through the training and also, for your future reference.

Bonus #2: One Class Away Email Marketing PDF Guide

With the One Class Away Challenge, you'll learn how to build your list of engaging students. This guide will teach you the skill to promote to your list, ways to get them to engage with you and many other powerful email marketing tactics inside!

Bonus #3: How To Avoid The 7 Mistakes Video Training

This is a critical "preparation" training to get you on the right track to succeed with online entrepreneurship! While One Class Away teaches you the methods and strategies, this training will ensure you are not to fail.
Yes, I Want To Join The "One Class Away" 5-Day Challenge!
The investment is only a one-time off affordable $99.

You are just one class away from making your next $1,000 and launching your digital business.

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Common Questions:

When Does The One Class Away 5-Day Challenge Starts?
It starts now! Once you've joined today, you'll be getting your private login where you'll receive the first challenge module. If you complete it early, you can access DAY 2 and the rest too, however, we would recommend doing it one a day.
Do I Still Get Access To The Videos After This?
Yes, you'll still be able to access them forever for free.
What Will I Get After The Challenge?
To finally launch your free class and how to monetize it. This will be the first step to building your 6-figure digital knowledge business.
Who Is Patric Chan?
Patric Chan is a best-selling author, international speaker and internet marketing pioneer. Here are some of the credibilities...
  • Spoken in 12 countries including United States, UK, China, Singapore, etc as an authority of internet marketing
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  • ​Internet marketing pioneer since 2004
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