I've set a deadline to reveal this, it'll be before December 2021. But if I was able to prepare ContentIsDead.com earlier, I'll announce to you, cool?
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Because it's that important, even bought the domain contentisdead.com to reveal and teach this. The truth is, selling content no longer as profitable as it used to be. Yes, many marketers are still selling successfully - but they didn't tell you that they would have made much more in the past by just selling content. 

This is why, experienced marketers are no longer selling courses as stand-alone's as it's hard to fetch $500 price point and above. Today, it's "bundled" with a community, coaching, software applications, etc.

I mean - why would you want to pay $500 or even $1,000 for courses? You can just go to Udemy.com to find similar content for 10% of what marketers are charging for.

BUT - that's not the main reason why selling content is "dead". There are more sinister reason behind it that's unstoppable (which will be revealed when contentisdead.com is live).

You Can Either Subscribe Now, Or Exit.

Of course I would prefer you to subscribe. But if you somehow have no intention to know what is happening (and going to happen) so that you can pivot, then it's okay to exit.

One of the many things I'm doing is I've stopped going for quantity, but looking for high quality students and customers. To illustrate extreme examples I've taken...
  • I'm making sure my free subscribers KNOW what they'll get and looking forward to receiving my emails. Yes, I'll get much less subscribers but I prefer those who doesn't hit "spam" button just because they've forgotten.
  • I am longer selling courses, period (except for one, called the "Build Your Digital Business Bundle at bestsellingcourse.com). Other than that, I focus on selling my book that can help my students.
  • The main product that I sell is a coaching program. it takes so much work to fulfil but I know that's the right way to help newbies to succeed. Each week, my students attend live training Zoom class and also, gets real one-on-one coaching. The fee for one year coaching is even more affordable than what the Gurus are charging for courses (they sell at high price is because they need to pay 50% commission to their Joint Venture Partners).

What I've Prepared For You Inside...

if you subscribe for the announcement of ContentIsDead.com, you'll also get the following for free. They are gifts for you while waiting. But at the same time, you'll also receive my ongoing content and promotions.
  • My Operation Zero Employees Keynote Presentation Video for free. This recording is taken from a live event seminar where I taught my entire business blueprint, called Operation Zero Employees. This is the model how I'm able to build and operate my online business to be profitable and automate it as humanly possible.
  • PatricWeekly for free. This is going to be the newsletter with my content related to business, marketing and success. I'm not sure whether it's going to be free, partially-free or paid subscription yet. But if you subscribe today, it'll be free for you. (COMING SOON)
  • Archived to 5 coaching sessions I did for students for free. Previously, I run a coaching program where my students and clients will be able to send their projects, ideas or marketing campaigns for me to review live. Some of these coaching sessions were recorded, I'll give them to you for free. (COMING SOON)
And of course, you'll be notified when ContentIsDead.com is live. You'll not only discover why it's "dead", but the new way of selling content online for 2022...
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